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Window Washing

We Are The Window Cleaning Experts

Life Is Better with Clean Windows

Clean windows make life better. Whether looking at your home or business from the outside or are in the inside looking out, having a view unobstructed by dirt, grime, algae and other remnants of airborne pollutants is better. Clean windows improve the curb appeal of any structure and permit the full effect of natural light for the interior. Research has proven that natural lighting helps people be more productive, happier, healthier, and calmer.

A-1 Window Washers appreciate the significant investment you have made in your home or business. Since 1998, we have proudly offered high-quality window cleaning services to the Northshore and the surrounding areas to help you care for your investment, enjoy the benefits of natural light, and enjoy clear, crisp views of the outdoors.

We love what we do because our customers are able to see results immediately. Within minutes of applying our cleaning solution, sunbaked dirt and grime begins to melt away revealing spotless glass that glistens. Our technicians work diligently and methodically on each window taking into account its particular needs based on the debris that needs to removed, the window’s exposure, and its size. We use a specialized dust-repellent cleaning solution that provides better results that last longer than traditional window washing methods.

To meet the needs of each of your windows and accommodate for different sizes and location of windows, we use two different methods of cleaning to deliver guaranteed results every time. In addition to the traditional methods, using Strip Washers and squeegees, we also utilize a Water Fed Pole system. These are uniquely designed poles that deliver cleaning solution and water up to 65’ in the air. Expertly handled by our trained technicians, our Water Fed Pole systems permit us to safely and effectively wash windows up to 5 stories off the ground.

For A-1 Window Washers, window cleaning is not just about the glass. Our highly-trained and skilled technicians also use their experience to expertly clean the casing, the sash, and the styles and rails if your windows have those. We clean your window screens, too. We take care of the whole window and all of your window projects so you can relax and enjoy the view. Please give us a call. We gladly provide you a free estimate for making all of your windows sparling clean and streak-free. As with all of our washing services, we guarantee that you will be happy with the results.

The Results speak for themselves!